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Our Story

The new breed of an old tradition.

Three Hills Ranch and the Morehead family are no strangers to the livestock industry. We've been involved in production livestock and breeding since the 1950's...and we're still going strong today.

It started back in the 1950's when David's grandfather, Ray, bred and raised the State Champion Chester White Boar. Now, we continue that tradition by raising award-winning bucking horses by select and line breeding, using some of the most sought after horses in the industry.  

Our love for the Hereford breed started in the 90's through acquisition of the D.L. Stevens herd and continues today in large part to the opportunity to purchase a majority of the Jim Baker herd.  We have acquired 50 years of Jim's Hereford genetics, along with his expertise, willingness to mentor, and love for the industry.  Our herd has also continued to grow with the friendships and genetics of the Holden, Cooper, Johansen, and Van Newkirk lines.


David's son, Jake, and his son's, Sam and Cade continue to work together on the ranch building our brand.  In addition, Dave's son-in-law, Luke and his family, has expanded our brand to their ranch in Northern Missouri.   

Utilizing top of the line genetics and straight horned pedigrees, we work diligently to build on the best to develop above average traits.  Structural correctness, along with good feet and udder quality are traits bred into our herd.  We strive to produce the type of cattle that will have fertility, longevity, and economically sound premium traits sought after in the beef industry.




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